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Cable waste acceptance for disposal


    The company VRS offers standard and individual solutions for the cable waste management.


Why is it important to apply to our company?


Firstly, we do not resale waste but recycle them, and we do this after a careful preparation.

Secondly, we have a rich experience of cooperation and, in addition to standard solutions, we may offer an individual way that is suitable to this financial and technical situation.

Thirdly, our company has existed for many years and our partners trust is important for us.


      If you come to us, you will be able to:

- Get rid of unnecessary waste without the violation of environmental legislation;

- Compensate for a substantial part of the costs;

- Secure the work at the facility;

- Release the space occupied by cable waste.

    The field of our work extends far beyond recycling, because recycling itself is the final stage. "VRS" starts to work where the decision about the unsuitability of some used equipment is taken. The cause of it may be an accident, the wear and tear, the repair or the reconstruction of buildings and structures. In all these cases, cable networks must be replaced and recycled, but, at the same time, they are still at the site. At this point we enter and execute the following things:


Cable network removal


    The company VRS has all the necessary certificates and permits to carry out dismantling operations for cable networks. Moreover, we carry out the works for such projects as:

- High-voltage lines;

- Petrochemical plants;

- High and very high objects;


    Our experts may arrive in almost any region of Russia to perform these operations.


Transportation and storage


    Due to own fleet of specialized trucks and the ability of prompt unloading, we may carry out the transportation of the waste immediately after installation. Moreover, our company keeps the waste cable in almost any volume. The waste will be stored in our warehouses and your territory will be clean.


Preparation for the implementation


    Before cable waste is sent for further processing, the non-ferrous metal shall be carefully separated from insulation. In our company, this is performed using a special high-tech equipment. It is an environmentally safe and cost-effective method in contrast to burning and stripping by hand.


The purchase of waste cable without dismantling


   We are always ready to carry out the procurement of waste, based on the model calculations of the provided cable for the companies that conduct the cable dismantling on their own, or by using a third-party contractor.


Pay attention! Each of these services may be provided in combination or separately!

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