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 Lead is a heavy non-ferrous metal. It is dangerous to life and health, but it is indispensable in many areas of production. The compliance with the rules of its use and the disposal of products containing lead ensures the security when you work with this metal.


  Due to the lead flexibility, it is used for easy obtaining of different alloys. Lead may be added to most of the metals, which allows to create special alloys with unique characteristics. Besides, lead makes the part of high alloys which have an increased strength and toughness. Pewter is among these alloys. It is often used to make art products obtained by casting; Solder is used in electrical engineering and contains antimony; Babbit contains tin and antimony is used for bearing production, since it has a high viscosity.

  The areas of lead application


- Military industry: bullets, shots, different explosives;

- Medicine, diagnostics: lead is used for protection against radiation;

- Mechanical engineering: the production of batteries which contain large amounts of lead. The need to recycle old batteries is dictated not only by financial benefits, but also by the concern for the environment preservation.

- Electrical equipment: perhaps, most often lead is used for the manufacture of electrical cables. It is the lead in the cable sheath protects it from moisture, corrosion and heat, ensuring its safety, security and durability.

- Printing: until recently, lead was widely used in printing fonts which are recycled now. Besides, printing ink contains lead, which provides staining resistance.



    Company VRS LLC accepts all kinds of lead containing waste for recycling. We have the necessary equipment, transport and permits for safe, rapid and mutually beneficial processing of scrap lead and other wastes.

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