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Shavings disposal

Of all types of metal scrap occupies a special place is occupied by such type of waste as shavings. Firstly, shavings are produced during almost all operations with metal, and secondly it exceeds the other types of metallurgical waste by volume, thirdly, shavings are extremely difficult to store.

The managers of large companies are constantly faced with the consequences of a large number of shavings accumulation. These consequences include: the increased time spent on cleaning of production facilities, the rapid spread of shavings across an enterprise, a workspace and environment pollution, the deterioration of working conditions and many other adverse effects.

It is also worth noting also that not the fact of recycling is important but the method of it. According to the environmental standards and common sense, you may not just unload the shavings in a landfill or melt as it is.


Properly conducted and shipment and the subsequent of waste disposal contribute to: 


   - The environmental situation improvement. After all, with improper transportation and a high percentage of combustion the part of shavings gets into the environment, and will inevitably lead to its contamination;


- The prevention of air pollution. When shavings are melted without its pre-treatment the atmosphere will get a part of the liquid, containing oil products;



- Saving of business assets. The proper handling of shavings reduces its volume several times, making transportation cheaper;


Contact the company "Vtorichnyye resoursy Sibiri" for production efficiency and safety.


We provide the following services:


- Collection, packaging and transportation of all kinds of metal shavings by its own specialized transport;



- The selection of a secured method for the storage and transportation of shavings, depending on its type, volume and production nuances;


- Cleaning, briquetting and proper disposal;


- The development of documentation for disposal, the projecting of design process and its agreement with regulatory authorities;


- Professional advice on the organization of shavings collection and its shipment - even if a company does not plan any further cooperation with us.




The company "Vtorichnyye resoursy Sibiri" has all the necessary conditions to solve any problems for safe disposal of metal shavings. An individual approach is guaranteed.

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