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Ferrous metal shavings

These shavings belong to the type of waste generated in the processing of such metals as iron, stainless steel and steel. Find out more about the terms of ferrous metal shavings reception and recycling.


Aluminum shavings

The prevalence of aluminum parts and household items leads to the formation of a large number of shavings. Entrust its disposal to VRS LLC.


Copper and brass shavings

Like any other types of waste, copper and brass shavings are accepted on favorable terms with the possibility of delivering by a special transport of our company.


It is difficult to overstate the importance of such waste disposal as shavings. But it is even more difficult to find professionals who are able to offer high-quality services in this area.


  VRS LLC is the only company in Siberia, which owns its own production line for the processing of ferrous metal shavings. Large volumes of recyclables, the confidence of suppliers and a streamlined cycle allow us to guarantee a consistently high purchase price for shavings regardless of a season.

There are four reasons at least to cooperate with our company:


1. By handing over the shavings for processing, you will ensure the cleanliness, order and safety at workplaces and at machines.

2. Using our containers for waste storage, you will never break environmental laws, which means that your company will not have problems with regulatory authorities.

3. The determination of the waste mass occurs in place using an electronic balance. Your employees will not have to spend their work time for the delivery of waste.

4. A prepaid system is used for regular customers: we pay money before the removal of waste from the territory of your company.

Among other advantages of the company the following ones are worth mentioning:

Individual approach.

It is not a slogan, it is the basic principle of our work. Each supplier will be offered a cooperation option, which is suitable for a case. It is important to create the most comfortable working environment for every client regardless of the work volume.

Specialized machinery.

Company VRS has a complete set of specialized machinery required for the transportation and the processing of shavings. Containers and special weighing equipment are available: from crane to truck scales.

Special terms of purchase.

The work with regular customers is performed on prepayment: our company performs the removal of shavings after its payment.

The processing of ferrous metal shavings is presented by a whole range of services. We do not only perform a complete cycle of processing, from assessment to recycling, but also each stage separately.

Here are the most popular services performed by VRS LLC:


Installation of containers

VRS LLC will take care of security at your enterprise by installing special containers for the collection and storage of shavings. Read more about the containers below.



Even if you do not plan a further cooperation with us, we are happy to give professional advice on the organization of shavings collection and its shipment.


Preparation of documents

Our experts will develop the documentation for shavings recycling. The whole process will be designed and approved by the regulatory authorities.


Transportation services

"Vtorichnyye resoursy Sibiri" delivers all kinds of waste on its own specialized transport, regardless of distance and volume.


Safe disposal

By entrusting the disposal of shavings to our company, you will be sure that this technological process is cost-effective, fast and safe for the environment.

Special offer for large industrial enterprises


We offer the following types of work for industrial enterprises:


1. The installation of containers to collect shavings directly in industrial premises.

This is one of the most popular services. Knowing the amount and the terms of waste, your company may plan the schedule of container transportation by the vehicles of our company. It is the most environmental method of waste storage and disposal.


Containers vary in volume and size. We offer the following types of containers:

- 2 cubic meters and the capacity of up to 1 ton of shavings - they are suitable for the companies with a small production volume;

- Up to 7.5 cub. m. with the capacity up to 5-6 tons of shavings for the companies with large amounts of waste;


Even if the accumulation of production waste was ahead of schedule, we will coordinate the visiting time convenient for you on the first call and will replace the container.


2. The development of the platform for shavings storage and its subsequent export using special equipment - an arm that loads the entire volume of the accumulated shavings in a vehicle body.

This type of collaboration is suitable for enterprises where the volume of shavings formation makes more than 10 tons per month. The removal of shavings from the sites is carried out by our company. This allows almost not to involve the employees of our customers. They are required only to weigh the amount of shavings and sign the necessary papers.


3.  A customer's vehicle is accepted at the site of our company at any convenient time.

The advantage of this type of cooperation is that we offer a high purchase price for the suppliers who are ready to bring their own waste to the "VRS" territory. It allows to compensate a lot for transport costs.

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