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Stainless steel

Under the stainless steel is the steel with the addition of alloying mixtures from other metals: chromium, nickel, titanium. These and other elements change the mechanical and physical properties of the metal, providing stainless steel with important characteristics:


- Resistance to weather conditions;

- Resistance to corrosion;

- Chemical resistance.



The main element providing the properties of stainless steel is chromium, which forms a protective film on the surface of steel products. Due to this film this alloy is protected from corrosive influences. оказывается защищён от агрессивных воздействий.

In addition to high corrosion resistance, stainless steel products have the following advantages:


- The preservation of excellent appearance;

- Fire resistance;

- Good weld ability - this is the property of low carbon steel products;

- High hygienic properties - for this reason, steel is used in food, pharmaceutical and medical fields.



The stainless steel scrap is usually supplied for recycling in the form of welded equipment, wires, shavings, pipes, various wastes resulting from the production of parts. Besides, they take a variety of stainless steel products is accepted.


To receive oversized scrap and large amounts of waste, our company has its own specialized fleet. On request of a customer we may arrange the export of scrap from virtually any region of Russia.

The company VRS  is ready to offer individual terms of stainless steel reception and processing for each supplier.

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