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Scrap metal in Omsk

The scrap metal in Omsk - is the most important and highly demanded recyclable material for metallurgy. But, unfortunately, the collection and recycling of scrap metal is associated with such problems as illegal collection sites, the lack of proper awareness among population and even companies.

Different equipment, containing aluminum, nonferrous metals and batteries are thrown into the garbage or rotting in open spaces, polluting the environment. Instead of being a source of income, the scrap metal in Omsk is often the cause of serious violations in the field of ecology.


A high demand for this type of raw material leads to the thefts of machinery important parts and cables for the purpose of resale. That is why a lot of attention is paid to the detection of illegal reception sites and the sites of scrap metal processing. Only certified companies have the right to engage in this activity. Being afraid of losing a license, these companies will never take any suspicious scrap for recycling, what can’t be said about people, performing an illegal activity in this area.


Why is it important to visit only a reliable company?



The fact is that environmental safety has crucial importance in the process of waste disposal. Such safety is ensured only if all necessary standards are provided. According to the legislation, the scrap metal in Omsk must be disposed only by the modern high-tech equipment. The metal scrap transportation should also be carried out with special vehicles. The scrap metal operations are subject to compulsory licensing and a license may be obtained only by a company that has all necessary resources.



The acceptance of non-ferrous and ferrous metals should be performed only by qualified personnel. They carry out an inspection, a weighing and an evaluation at a fixed price list. Besides, experts easily solve the issue concerning the delivery from any region. In such company such as "Vtorichnyye resoursy Sibiri" it is always possible to get a free expert advice.



Not every company is able to offer a really wide range of services. And, moreover, a few companies are ready to provide one or more services separately without the whole complex of scrap reception and recycling. Besides, the scrap metal in Omsk is not the only type of waste, which may require disposal. For example, the recycling of toxic waste requires additional permits.


If you want to support the improvement of the environment in Omsk, if you want to get rid of waste from the territory of your enterprise and get an income choose only reliable companies for cooperation.

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