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Copper is a metal that is often subjected to processing in the reception areas for recycling. This metal accompanies a man since ancient times being an indispensable raw material in such areas as electrical engineering, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, jewelry and many others.

Copper is often found in nature - both in pure form and in impurities, so the production of this metal is considered to be relatively easy. But even this is not the reason to refuse from the recycling of such a valuable raw material. Currently, a large number of copper is purchased in other countries, which significantly increases the cost of production. The recycling of copper waste has a direct impact not only on cost reduction, but also on the economy of our country.

What forms of waste copper are accepted?


     Company "Vtorichnyye resoursy Sibiri" accepts any volumes of waste for processing. We have special equipment for this, allowing to carry out a full cycle of processing quickly. Besides, we have a great transport workshop and storage area for metallurgical waste.


We accept the following types of waste copper


Products containing copper

     As a rule, these are electrical appliances, pieces of pipe, household and home appliances. Besides, pieces of wire are often supplied for processing.


Cable waste

   Old cable is often damaged and unusable. Among other metals, cable waste contains large amounts of copper. Read more about cable waste acceptance for disposal on our website.

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