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Nonferrous metal scrap

Due to the fact that the primary production of non-ferrous metals is very costly, it becomes highly advantageous to reuse scrap copper, aluminum, lead and their alloys. As a rule, metallurgical plants take molded shavings for melting supplied by metal-working enterprises, various parts from nonferrous metal collection points, as well as waste cable products. A special group is presented by the scrap of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.), which requires special measures for its processing.

The cost of ferrous scrap is largely dependent on the degree of its purity and the weight of the lot. Therefore, the most effective option the transportation and the processing of scrap metal is carried out by specialized companies, which have all necessary equipment and qualified personnel to work with it.


VRS LLC has a lot of work experience with non-ferrous metal scrap and its alloys. We have a large fleet of vehicles of different carrying capacity, as well as modern equipment for cutting, pressing and recycling of nonferrous metal. A specially trained staff will take out, prepare and sort quickly and accurately the non-ferrous metal scrap for its delivery to the metallurgical enterprises. We offer our customers the best options for all nonferrous metals delivering and processing. VRS LLC has a license for all kinds of work related to the recycling of scrap metal. We provide the following services:


1) Preparation of scrap metal for export (cleaning, sorting);

2) Transportation to the place of processing by our transport;

3) Pressing of shavings and thin-walled products made of non-ferrous alloys;

4) Drawing up of accompanying documentation.

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