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It is widely known and quite common copper-based alloy. Brass also contains zinc, the proportion of which may reach 45%.

Mankind uses brass since the days of ancient Rome, but the modern type of this alloy was invented in the 18th century.

Currently, the priority is given to brass in many areas of production.


This may be explained by several reasons:

- corrosion resistance;

- high casting properties;

- stability to adverse weather conditions;

- stability to seawater;

- resistance to various acids;

- increased strength.

All these properties led to the fact that brass is widely used in many industries: from the manufacture of musical instruments to mechanical engineering. Brass is used often to create artistic forging - this preference is based on the same special properties of this metal. The fact is that small articles of complex are produced from brass best of all. Due to this property of this metal and its resemblance to gold, brass once used for the manufacture of counterfeit jewellery. For the same reasons brass is used now to manufacture various accessories, decorative metal products, signs and various elements of interior design.


   Scrap brass is often accepted by the company VRS in the following forms:


- pressed products (nuts, bolts)

- parts of cars, ships, equipment

- parts of clocks and mechanisms;

- reinforcements.



    All scrap arriving for processing may be divided into two categories based on the type of alloy:


Two component alloy contains copper and zinc in various proportions.


Multicomponent alloy contains the impurities of other metals besides copper and zinc. These impurities affect the metal properties. For example, an alloy containing iron is more durable. The aluminum content adds moisture resistance and manganese increases the resistance to high temperatures.


A special type of alloy is tombac. It contains up to 97% of copper. Its special features are:

corrosion resistance;


The products made of this alloy have an attractive appearance.



During the acceptance of scrap brass, you shall determine the type of alloy. The company VRS have the necessary equipment for the accurate analysis of the received waste.



     This is the kind of waste that inevitably remains after the creation and processing of products. The main problem of shavings disposal is pre-storage and the removal of oil. Therefore the disposal of shavings shall be handled only by large companies that have the necessary equipment. Please, visit our website for more information about the shavings disposal in the company VRS LLC.

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