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The prevalence of aluminum use confirms the need for processing once again. Aluminum is one of the most essential metals in various fields.


- It is used in the following fields of industry:

mechanical engineering, aviation, chemical industry - here's a short list of industries where aluminum is used. The aircraft casing is made of aluminum,


- home and food industry:

foil for packaging and cooking is made of aluminum and is used not only at home but also in restaurants, cafes and food industry.

- electrical equipment:

Aluminium is not only an excellent conductive material, but, due to its low weight, it is greatly suitable for the manufacture of overhead power lines.


We all use aluminum every day. Starting from wires through which electricity is supplied to our homes and offices, finishing with a soft drink can bought in a store. The frequency of this metal use dictates an increased demand for its production.


The production of aluminum requires not only a significant production capacity, but also natural resources. The provision of aluminum waste for recycling may reduce the use of these resources and environmental pollution.


    The company "Vtorichnyye resoursy Sibiri" has modern professional equipment necessary for the safe recycling of aluminum. Specialized transport and the possibility of non-ferrous scrap storage allow to work with large volumes of raw materials.

The pricing system is designed so that every customer may be provided with individual terms of cooperation.

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