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NZH, TK batteries

Priem akkumuljatorovBatteries, which are out of use, are often placed in a landfill. Owners do not care that these batteries are accepted for processing - it is much easier to throw out an old one and buy a new one than to look for an enterprise with a permit for such waste processing.


But here are a few reasons to recycle old batteries:

- Batteries contain non-ferrous metals - lead, which is suitable for further processing;

- Batteries are referred to waste, the decomposition process of which makes hundreds of years. All the while, they pollute the environment;

- In addition to lead, a rather dangerous heavy metal, a battery contains acid that can cause irreparable harm to all living things.


   Handing over NZH and TK batteries for recycling, you help to improve the environmental situation and also get an additional income.


    VRS LLC has all the necessary conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation with individuals and supplying companies:

- Reception of batteries by weight;

- The absence of stringent requirements for case integrity;

- Possibility to neutralize the acid;

- Availability of the necessary permits for hazardous waste disposal;

- The possibility of waste disposal via a specialized transport of VRS;

- Drawing up of documents for the writing off of old batteries from the balance.


NZH, TK batteries

Collection and recycling of waste batteries

Despite the constant improvement of its construction, car batteries have a limited service life. Depending on the operating conditions, which make 3-5 years on the average, the battery starts to lose much of its capacity, and may fail at the most unpleasant moment. In this case, the problem an old battery disposal occurs, since it contains toxic sulfuric acid and lead plates. These materials are classified as dangerous substances and must be disposed of in special institutions.


In order to protect the environment and for the efficient use of the lead scrap VRS LLC offers to its clients such kind of services as the acceptance of spent alkaline and acid batteries of any capacity and size for disposal.


If necessary, we provide the transportation of the old batteries with our own specialized transport. Besides, VRS LLC carries out the further processing of acids, alkalis and lead plates, which are extracted from batteries. All recycling operations are carried out in accordance with established rules and safety standards, so the damage to the environment is completely absent.


It should be noted that the supply of any old batteries to specialized companies not only helps to preserve nature, but is also profitable. In this case, depending on the number of old batteries and their capacity, our company provides a significant discount (up to 50%) on the purchase of new batteries in the network of car and truck shops.

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