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About company

The company VRS LLC provides the services in the field of non-ferrous and ferrous metal, as well as waste cable processing. Since 2001, we successfully fulfill our mission on receiving, processing and sale of scrap metal. During this period we purchased professional equipment that allows to carry out quickly and efficiently:


- The reception and transportation of scrap and waste cable
- The removal of metal structures;
- The determination of chemical composition;
- The production of metallurgical briquettes;
- The recycling of batteries;
- The transportation and treatment of hazardous waste.


We are proud of our work and bear the name VRS with honor. Giving a second life to scrap metal, our company has a number of other beneficial social, economic and ecological functions:


The creation of new jobs due to the constant increase of the company staff. Every year we hire qualified experts and train them to work with our equipment.


The elimination of multiple production waste. The reuse of scrap significantly reduces the environmental burden and saves a lot of natural resources, making a native region cleaner and safer.


The reduction of raw material costs and the possibility to update the company equipment, appliances and other basic means of production.


The company "VRS" carries out the reception and processing of the following waste:

      - Non-ferrous metal scrap, including TK, NZH, TNZH batteries

      - Ferrous metal scrap;

      - Waste cable;

      - Ferrous and nonferrous metal shavings.


Our experts will perform the dismantling of metal structures, including major ones safely and accurately if necessary. The careful sorting of scrap and the determination of its chemical composition allow to get ready raw material for metallurgical production. We are valued for quickness and high quality by the largest enterprises across Siberia. We have the following clients: "Gazpromneft", OJSC "Design department of Transport Machinery", "Vtorchermet-Nakhodka", PE "Polet", OJSC «SUN InBev» (ROSAR) and many others.





We always welcome new cooperation!

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10 let Oktyabrya st, 219/7, Omsk, Russia.

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